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to hear from wayne lapierre, head of the nra and taking a quote, defiant tone, and prepared to attack not just the proposed assault weapons ban but the universal background check. he plans to go hard against that, as well. which is interesting, molly. that was the one proposal that folks thought you could get some support of both sides with a universal background check. >> i think it's still the case that you may see some support for -- from republicans for something like background checks. this is something that polls at 90% with the public as a whole but they're not going to have the backup of the nra and i don't think it's too surprising nra still opposed to any form of gun control. i actually thought that wayne lapierre's testimony which i have also seen is interesting because he seemed to back off some of the more incendiary rhetoric of other forums, most notably, the initial press conference lashing out at the left and the media and everybody else and peek like the hecklers in the hearing and don't speak for the republican party and don't speak for the nra but it's sort of a pie
was passed in the clinton administration, i was a member of congress then, the gun lobbyers, the nra came in and chased out a number of the members of the house and senate who voted for us. so you see members with cold feet. they played it safe, but who paid the price? certainly these 20 children and their six teachers paid the price. why do we have to go this long? we had to go this long because of fear of the gun lobby. i was there to say yesterday they are not to be feared. they have had it to themselves. there has not been an opponent. the only kind of opponent they respect and that the congress respect is a public opponent. people in the streets people saying this time you got to do it. it's gone too far. >> john: congresswoman, i think back on how president reagan was a significant signaturery in support of the ban. does it ever surprise you that the party of reagan has so completely rejected the values of reagan? >> it does. even his values on raising taxes which he did a lot of when-- >> john: 11 times. >> when he was here in washington before i even came. but what you have is a h
blocked and so who has been to blame? some say the nra. here is joe johns. >> since there has not been a director of the bureau of alcoholic, firearms and tobacco they should confirm todd jones. >> reporter: gun control advocates are quick to point the finger. >> the nra through members of congress have sought to defund or in some instances emasculate the atfe by restricting the operations in such ways as to prevent them from doing their job. >> reporter: the washington post editorial board says that the gun rights lobby has spent considerable time and energy in one goal, crippling the atf. the nra has been critical of the agency which sees the mission as preventing violent crimes by finding firearms used in violent crimes. but does it add up? no. before that the senate was required to confirm, and so when president george bush nominated michael sullivan, it looked like an easy vote, but it could not get an easy vote in a republican senate? >> did they ever believe it would happen? and candidly, no. >> reporter: senator larry craig and two other republicans all staunch members of the n
's driven by fear from the gun rights lobbyists, nra and others, that if anyone had been armed at sandy hook, at the school, they would have dealt with the shooter. how do you try to deal with that mentality in a reasonable way that doesn't offend gun owners but actually works to reduce the total volume of guns rather than dramatically increase it? >> the second amendment is here to stay. people have a right to arm, have a right to handguns, within some reasonable regulation. i think you have to make people aware of the fact that, you know, confiscation is not going to happen. the notion that if you arm a lot of people, that somehow it would deter crime or deter these attacks, always incumbent on that approach, we have people who have received an awful lot of training under a stressful situation to expect them to take a handgun out or any sort of weapon out and fire it and do so accurately is just a -- it's a pipe dream. and i just don't see the answer being in expanding the universe of weapons and having more people with guns at schools. >> final question, commissioner. as we see particular
to stop comparing the nra to hitler. we have seen that many times in right-wing world obama, hitler and they are unhappy with the frequent comparison to hitler. numerous gun control has been linked to nazi tactics. including a few fox employees. and one picture of hitler along with pro gun images. wow, i thought i was the only one that noticed that. it has gotten very, very hitlery. >> it has. and the jews would like you to tone it down. >> stephanie: right. do we need more of these headlines -- [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: for the sixth time in nine weeks, man shot at gun show. >> yep. >> stephanie: last saturday was gun appreciation day. in an attempt to highlight their opposition to gun safety laws five people were shot at three different gun shows on gun appreciation day. >> it's also amputation appreciation day as it happens. >> stephanie: an iowa gun dealer closed out the week by becoming the sixth person shot at a gun show. [ applause ] >> stephanie: he thought the pistol was unloaded but the gun was not unloaded and discharged through
control. he is happy to move away from gun-control and talk about -- >> of course he is because the nra -- nra gave him a b grade. they supported him. of course, they don't want him to a do gun-control. >> that's also understand, looking at is strategically, this issue is going to be the easiest salads is congress and president face. lou: immigration. >> absolutely. republicans need, democrats wanted. >> what republicans need? >> is the is bank board to five hispanic vote by 74%. >> and that hispanic, but i know several that the citizens of the right way, and this is that the number one issue. >> allow you to carry that message. >> the reason republicans did not do well, we're seeing guys and we did not know how. lou: setting that is an interesting point, but miles of think it is, by the way, an absolute that hispanic american voters, certainly retreating from the republican party. adding more profound than an even know is that every voter retreated from the republican party. 2012 was a disaster. it was a disaster for the leaders. it was a disaster the way in which they relate to the is
actually thought about joining the nra but never got around to it. when it comes to wayne la peaier, the two have never met but he hopes that they can have a constructive conversation about how to tackle gun violence. two staunch supporters of the second amendment, two very different views on guns. >> they are god given freedoms. they belong to us in the united states of america as our birth right. no government gave them to us and no government can ever take them away. >> i defended the second amendment flying in combat over iraq in kuwait, you know, defending our country. i own a gun. this really isn't about the second amendment. >> reporter: these will be the star witnesses at congresses' first hearing since the shooting in newtown. mark kelly, the husband of gabby giffords who was shot in the head, six people died in the attack. the couple are gun owners themselves and used to practice at an nra range. now they are taking on the powerful gun lobby. kelly tells cnn they support extensive gun control, including restricting high-capacity weapons, like the one used by giffords' shoo
to testify as well as the nra, which has resisted gun control measures that have been talked about. so as this conversation moves forward, how do we continue to have a thoughtful and logical national debate on gun control and apply these solutions on curbing gun violence in major cities and smaller cities and rural ones, but as you say, with everyone not being on the same page, this really does demonstrate that this is not a one-sized fits all answer to this. >> i think, personally, what we have to do is stop calling it gun control. we're trying to control violence. and that has many different facets to it. there's mental health issues, there's databases we need access to, there's record checks that need to be done. there's reporting stolen weapons, doctors being involved, and sharing information between schools, police, mental health professionals. so we need to stop calling it a gun control debate. that's what my personal opinion is, because like i said, when people hear that, they're on one side or the other. and we shouldn't be. we shouldn't be on any side or the other. we should a
bill? is that immigration? can he keep this laser focus on. because you know the nra and its allies are going to be rallying their forces at every turn here. they are going to keep up their intensity. going to be another absurd situation of the nra fresh from making an ad going after the president's children is now going to -- wayne lapierre is going to appear on the hill and come out against simple background checks. >> against simple background checks. it doesn't get any crazier than that. dana milbank, thanks for your time tonight. >> thanks, reverend. >>> coming up, threats to the president's second term agenda. and what can -- what you can do. that can be helpful. >>> plus hillary clinton dancing right into history. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it with best-in-class combined mpg and more interior room than corolla and civic and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation, and other handy stuff? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative
to the nra or anybody that says, hey, this isn't the problem, if it's not the problem, it will make a difference, it should make a difference banning them. let's err on the side of caution, keep the kids safe. thank you. >> let me also echo again my appreciation for commissioner dr. joe marshall because omega boys club has been a great partner. they are part of our effort to organize commutes, to intervene as early as we can, and i totally agree with the chief that these particular guns, if you look at them up front and close, you'll see they really shouldn't be in anybody's homes. they're designed to kill folks. many of them military style. i think to bring home the real story here is dr. andrei campbell of our san francisco general hospital, and also on staff at ucsf. he is at the forefront of world class trauma center that we have. and if you go day to day, and certainly with the 67 homicides that we have with the numbers of bodies that were showing up and people have shown up, many of which he saved, many of which he couldn't save that were victims of bullets and violence and gu
-fire maryland and nra will raise awareness about assault weapons ban. to night i talked to a prince george's county detective. he tells me they're still investigating the shooting death of markel ross. live, prince george's county, capital heights, shomari stone, news 4. >> tomorrow president obama will reveal what could be the most significant immigration reform effort in years. this one is getting bipartisan support after hispanic voters proved to be an important voting block last november. in the plan, undocumented workers would have to pass a background check, pay fines, and back taxes for probationary status, and then wait to earn a green card. the congressional hispanic caucus met with the president about the proposal supposed to be tough but fair. >> the president confirmed that this was going to be a legislative issue of highest priority to get passed this year. >> i think it is tough in the sense that the waiting time to become a resident might be indefinite at this time. >> republicans say enforcement has to be a big part of the effort. so this doesn't become an amnesty program.
for some kind of military action. >> bologna. >> you are basically pair rodding paranoia from the nra and gun owners because nobody is saying take away every gun. what they are saying is take a look at the type of weapon used to cause these massacres that are all too common in our society. >> but they are not common. in ci >> in cities like washington chicago there's so much murder. we are trying to say murder by gun is a national epidemic. >> this is part of the problem is bad information. juan you are putting out bad information. number one they are not all too common. rifles all forms of rifles were used in fewer than 300 homicides in the most recent year for which records are available. hand guns were used in about 9,000 homicides. >> i agree with you. i don't know why you are saying i am putting out bad information. there's too much murder. >> i own some of these rifles, no they are not suited for the military. if you ask somebody out of the military ask my stepson in the marines would he take a semi automatic rifle that shoots that low powered cartridge not high powered cartridg
, not the nra, not the gun makers, not the right wing pun dants. we should listen to a mother who lost all four of her children, her son, rodney, now joins the list of more than 1300 people gunned down just since the newtown massacre last month. we must build a nation where people are valued more than partisan politics. where flesh and blood means more than dollars and cents. we can not have a future in the country if we don't have a future for those that live around the country. it's time for sane and sensible gun control. women like that mother should not have to suffer as she's suffering. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. >> tea for two. let's play "hardball." >> good evening, let ple start with this. barack and hillary, good-bye or hello? last night's dual appearance on "60 minutes" a fine good-bye or a statement? was it the president saying i know which way the wind is blowing? was it barack obama saying i want a democrat to replace moe? any way you listen to it, i think secretary clinton will run for president. i don't see how she can walk away from it. sh
. the thing we have right now is the nra has always been this powerhouse organization, which has been a lot more money than actual action. what you have now is a countervailing force where you can actually have a grassroots effort to get people to call their members of congress, to put some pressure on them, and actually get something done from the outside. and i just came from the new republic launch party. as the president told the new republic, you know, you've got to get the change from the outside in, or else it's never going to happen. and if people don't call their members of congress and say to the ones who disagree with this policy, you've got to move or you're going to pay a political price. and tell the ones who do agree with the policy, great, thank you, keep pushing because we need this right now. >> but the first time they are employing it, they sent out a couple of e-mails essentially saying we're doing this thing. this is the first time they have tried to apply it on a policy matter. you have to admit the timing was ridiculous. >> well. >> that makes me feel like there might
getting hit by the nra for her leadership on this issue. what can the urban league do to help push along the gun lawed agenda? >> the gun manufacturers lobby and their allies will attack anyone who seeks -- to impose commonsense gun legislation, and i think we have to change -- make sure that the discussion is not about a lobby group in washington that it is a discussion about the children. it's a discussion about the victims. whether they be the awful tragedy in aurora or newtown or if it's downtown chicago or if it's east side of detroit or new orleans or baltimore, thb about the victims and the children, and what makes good sense in the 21st century, so i applaud the president, senator feinstein. we support what they're doing. we think there ought to be particular emphasis on prevention measures and on mental health interventions, and we think that that should not get lost in the discussion as we move forward. >> thank you very much. you heading back home for the super bowl? >> you know, i'm trying to figure that out and, you know, i'm going to root for the ravens. >> well -- >> since
'm assuming clarence you include heritage alongside with the nra and others? >> certainly then ra has become an organization whose members are gun owners but the money comes from the gun industry. >> right. >> heritage didn't quite there yet, but they do get a lot of contributions from corporations that benefit from their work. >> okay. now, luke, the gang of eight's mike lee, who owns a 99% score from heritage, won't now back the group's immigration plan. last year they saw heritage threaten to score an amendment banning high capacity clips. what makes grading systems like this one so powerful? >> well, i think primarily is that if you fail to get a good grade with heritage action, you are essentially a target for a primary. if you look at the way they do this, it's a very effective grading system in terms of trying to appeal to conservative media and to conservative grassroots activists. you can say that someone like maybe not eric cantor, but someone in more of a district where he doesn't have the financial backing that eric cantor might have, oh, my god, they're only with us 55% of the t
at all, if he wanted to win over gun rights advocates, skeet shooting isn't exactly on target. the nra said "the second amendment is not about shooting skeet and it's not a tradition. it's a fundamental right upheld by the u.s. supreme court." so while obama seemed to be reaching out, however awkwardly, to gun owner, the whole thing may have backfired. obama skeet shooting on target or telling?, or tweet me @carolcnn. ♪ [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the all-new cadillac ats -- 2013 north american car of the year. ♪ for a limited time, take advantage of this exceptional offer on the all-new cadillac ats. so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi tha
at a national level and actually fund candidates to counter balance the nra candidates. so if security and armed security is good for him i expect it for that single mother in new york city who is concerned about thugs and wannabe thugs who are going to rob her home. martha: she can legally have a gun and carry it. >> she can have a gun but it's restrictive as to the number of rounds in the magazine. right now nypd the standard issue firearm has 15 round in a magazine. now in new york you can only have seven. i'm sorry, burglars don't just rob homes by themselves. usually they have partners and they are not going to follow any directive, oh, please if you're going to rob this home, just do it by yourself, don't have two or three or four people with you. i think americans not the government should determine how many bullets they need to defend their person, property and family. martha: what do you think his answer would have been if you had got even through with him. why he deserves, and public officials deserve, and i think you're right, and most americans believe that you want these public offi
than local police. i think secret service has to carry a gun. like the n.r.a. should not be bringing up president obama's kids because they have guns. that's just the rules. >>steve: there are a lot of people who don't like guns but they use them nonetheless. in the op-ed pages of the "new york times" today there is a fellow by the name of justin cronyn who lives in texas, confessions of a liberal gun owner. >>gretchen: this gentleman says he's a new england liberal born and bred but now lives in texas, and he likes to have his guns. here's a portion of the op-ed. my wife is afraid of my guns, though she also says she's glad i have them. my 16-year-old daughter asked to take a pistol lesson. the instructor ran her through the basics demonstrating with a glock 9 millimeter how to hold it, load it, pull back the slide. you'll probably have trouble with that part, he said. a lot of women do. oh really, my daughter replied and with a cagey smile proceeded to rack her weapon with such authority you could have heard it in the parking lot. a proud papa moment, i confess it was. it's interestin
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)